Replacement MERLO diesel fuel caps & locking filler caps

From P32.6 Top to P55.9 CS the Fuel Cap Company holds stock for virtually all MERLO vehicles.

Stainless Steel and Alloy MERLO filler necks

We supply MERLO filler necks in mild steel, stainless steel (AISI304) and aluminium. Call 01691 596677 for details.

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We've been selling fuel caps since 2007. We know our Merlo from our MAN trucks when it comes to supplying MOT compliant fuel caps.

P32.12 EVS (1998 to 1999) fuel cap

All items in Stock

Sample shown; DC269 - P32.12 EVS (1998 to 1999) fuel cap. Choice of styles, including chain landyard in stock. Dispatched within 24 Hours. Price includes Delivery.

P55.9 CS (2007 to 2017) fuel cap

All items in Stock

Sample shown; DC099 - P55.9 CS (2007 to 2017) fuel cap. Choice of styles, including chain landyard in stock. Dispatched within 24 Hours. Price includes Delivery.

TF38.10 (2015 to 2023) fuel cap

All items in Stock

Sample shown; DC099 - TF38.10 (2015 to 2023) fuel cap. Choice of styles, including chain landyard in stock. Dispatched within 24 Hours. Price includes Delivery.

FAQs » Fuel Caps » MERLO

Why you shouldn't buy and fit a Cheap Diesel Filler Cap to your MERLO

Fitting a cheap fuel cap to your MERLO is not recommended. Because all MERLO filler caps are NOT created equal. Many sold online in the UK are cheap imports from the Far East. Ask yourself how they could sell at half the price you might expect to pay on the High Street or from a specialist online seller like us.

But, it's only a diesel cap. Your fuel cap is part of your MOT inspection. It keeps the fuel from spilling out of the tank, should you be involved in an accident. It has to maintain pressure within the fuel tank itself. You wouldn't replace your brakes or steering wheel with a cheap import made from low grade plastics.

Because all our MERLO fuel caps are produced in Europe, to ISO 9001 specification, you know you are fitting a safe, well-made product to your vehicle.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer all customers a fast, secure and reliable service. You can choose to pay using credit/debit card, PayPal account or Nochex UK. Your order will be dispatched by Royal Mail or courier within 24 hours of payment being received.

secure credit card payment logos

Is my order Tracked for Peace-of-mind?

Yes. All orders are shipped by Royal Mail Signed For or by courier. Leave us your mobile number with your preferred delivery address (home or office) and we will send you an SMS with a tracking code, when your order is dispatched.

Do you sell fuel caps for older MERLOs?

As you can see from the MERLO models below, we can supply a diesel fuel cap or locking fuel filler cap for virtually any model on the road today. Even the ones that ceased production years ago. If you can't find the cap you need, please talk to us as we may be able to suggest an alternative cap.

We've listed some of the MERLO models, past and present, that are stocked or available online from The Fuel Cap Company. MERLO range:

» P25.9 EVN (1988 to 1992) » P25.9 EVS (1995 to 1997) » P26.6 (1998 to 1999) » P26.6 EVT (1998 to 1999) » P26.6 SP (1999 to 2006) » P26.6 SPT (1999 to 2006) » P27.7 EVN (1995 to 1998) » P27.7 EVS (1995 to 1998) » P27.7 EVT (1995 to 1998) » P27.9 EVT (1995 to 1998) » P27.9 EVX (1998 to 2001) » P28.7 EVS (1997 to 2001) » P28.7 EVT (1997 to 2001) » P28.7 K (2001 to 2005) » P28.7 KT (2001 to 2005) » P28.8 (2007 to 2016) » P28.9 EVS (1997 to 1999) » P28.9 EVT (1997 to 2001) » P28.9 KT (2001 to 2005) » P29.6 (2007 to 2013) » P30.12 EVS (1995 to 1998) » P30.13 EVS (1995 to 1998) » P30.6 Multifarmer (2005 - 2014) » P30.7 EVS (1995 to 1997) » P30.7 EVT (1995 to 1997) » P30.7 EVX (1995 - 1997) » P30.7 KT (1988 to 1992) » P30.9 (2001 to 2005) » P30.9 KT (2001 to 2004) » P32.12 EVS (1998 to 1999) » P32.6 Top (2007 to 2016) » P32.7 EVT (1996 to 1999) » P33.7 EVT (1999 to 2001) » P33.7 KT (2001 to 2005) » P34.10 (2005 to 2014) » P34.7 (2007 to 2014) » P35.11 EVS (1995 to 1999) » P35.12 K (2002 to 2006) » P35.13 EVS (1998 to 2002) » P35.7 EVT (1998 to 2001) » P35.7 EVX (1998 to 2001) » P35.7 KT (2004 to 2005) » P35.9 EVT (1995 - 2002) » P36.10 (2007 to 2011) » P36.7 (2007 to 2014) » P37.10 (2005 to 2013) » P38.13 (2006 to 2019) » P40.16 EVS (1998 to 2001) » P40.17 (2019 to 2023) » P40.17 K (2003 to 2006) » P40.7 (2005 to 2014) » P40.8 EVS (1995 to 2002) » P55.9 CS (2007 to 2017) » P60.10 EV (1993 to 2002) » P60.6 EVS (1993 to 1999) » TF38.10 (2015 to 2023) » TF38.7 120g (2014 to 2016) » TF42.7 CS (2014 to 2023)

Absolutely chuffed to bits

Stan | England

Absolutely chuffed to bits with my purchase,looks really expensive but isn’t,quality top notch,easy to fit as you would expect,but mostly peace of mind knowing that my fuel is safe,also like to mention how quick it was dispatched,definitely recommend this product.

I dropped my Mercedes petrol cap

Maggie | England

I dropped my Mercedes petrol cap knocking the inside part out of line. With so many caps available for the Mercedes l gave up looking, contacted Mark at Petrolcap. As it wasn't broken he thought we could save it. So l sent photos and he talked me through fixing it. Thank you so much Such a lovey man to talk to.

Great Service

Ruth | UK

I found it very easy to order the replacement petrol cap I needed for my car, from my mobile phone and it arrived very promptly. Well packaged with clear labelling and instructions. Thank you very much.

Extremely satisfied customer...

James | Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you so much for sending out the fuel cap so quickly. Extremely satisfied customer.

Fast Secure Payments

Replacing your damaged, missing or lost fuel cap, is quick, easy and secure. Pay using any major credit/debit cards. Orders are dispatched and tracked within 24 hours.

Lifetime Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your new fuel cap should fail due to normal wear and tear, simply return it with proof of purchase and we will replace it like-for-like Free of Charge. Read more.

Price includes Delivery

All our prices include the cost of delivery to an address of your choice. No hidden charges at checkout. Home or Office, it's the same price, sent by Royal Mail Track 48 or DHL Express.

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Should you need to return your order, whatever the reason, you'll find the whole process quick, easy and transparent. You'll find a clear guide to Returns on our Help pages.

We know diesel caps. Whatever your question, just ask

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