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For your convenience, we have added a Quick Search option for replacement caps designed for our most requested Volvo commerical models. If your vehicle is from the FM or FL6 range use the Quick Search. If not, use the menu above or click Search Volvo Range to view available cap options.

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Celebrating 10 years of Global Sales

The Fuel Cap Company have been supplying quality fuel caps to the public and trade since 2007. Although the UK remains our largest market, we ship fuel caps as far away as Germany, India and New Zealand. Yes, New Zealand and Australia. In fact over the years, we have shipped to over 10 countries.

Buying from us, you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product (ISO 9001), at a competitive price from a family run business that thousands of buyers all around the world have come to trust.

"Thank you so much for sending out the fuel cap so quickly. It arrived on Wednesday (in NZ) and I got my Warrant on Thursday. I am so extremely greatful and appreciated of your excellent service. Have a wonderful week. Extremely satisfied customer." (FORD Focus MK1 (1998 to 10/2001) Locking Fuel Cap)

Beware Cheap Imports

Because all fuel caps are NOT created equal, make sure your filler cap is ISO 9001 quality. Many sold online and in the UK are cheap imports from the Far East, hence they sell at half the price you might expect to pay on the High Street or from a specialist online seller like us at The Fuel Cap Company.

iso 9001 accredited manufacturer

But, it's only a diesel cap. Your fuel cap is part of your MOT inspection. It keeps the fuel from spilling out of the tank, should you be involved in an accident. It has to maintain pressure within the fuel tank itself. You wouldn't replace your brakes or steering wheel with a cheap import made from low grade plastics.

Because all our Volvo truck fuel caps are produced in Europe, to ISO 9001:2008 specification you know you are fitting a quality, safe product to your vehicle.

Need a Replacement Volvo Fuel Cap?

Many of our customers have found themselves in a similar position. You arrive home only to realise you've left your filler cap on the pump at the local petrol station. So that leaves you needing a replacement cap for your FL6 or maybe it's an FM Series?

Buy your diesel cap from and you get peace-of-mind knowing we only supply ISO 9001 quality caps manufactured in Europe.

Comprehensive Range of Volvo Commercial Diesel Caps Available

As you can see from the Volvo models below, we can supply a fuel cap or locking fuel filler cap for virtually any model of Volvo on the road today. Even the ones that ceased production years ago. If you can't find the cap you need, please talk to us as we may be able to suggest an alternative cap.

We've listed some of the Volvo models, past and present, that are stocked or available online from The Fuel Cap Company. Volvo range: Trucks with capacity over 3,5T (cabin cruisers from 7,6 to 12T) : FL6 L 180-8,0 - FL6 L 180-10 - FL6 L 180-11,5 - FL6 L 220-11,5 - FL6 L 220-12 - FL6 H 250-11,5 - FL6 H 250-12; Trucks with capacity over 3,5T (cabin cruisers from 12,1 to 18T) : FL6 H 250-15 - FL6 H 250-17 - FL6 E 250-18; Trucks with capacity over 3,5T (cabin cruisers from 12,1 to 18T) : FM-260 - FM-300 - FM-340 - FM-380 – FM-400 - FM-440 - FM-480 - FH-400 - FH-440 – FH-480 – FH-520; Trucks with capacity over 3,5T (cabin cruisers with 3 and 4 axis) : Autocarri con p.t.t. 3,5T (trattori a 3 assi) : Trucks with capacity over 3,5T (tractors with 3 axis) : FH-400 Pusher 6x2 - FH-440 Pusher 6x2 - FH-480 Pusher 6x2 - FH-520 Pusher 6x2 - FH-400 6x4 - FH-440 6x4 - FH-480 6x4 - FH-520 6x4 FM-260 6x2 - FM-300 6x2 - FM-340 6x2 - FM-380 6x2 - FM-400 6x2 - FM-440 6x2 - FM-480 6x2 - FM-400 8x2 - FM-440 8x2 - FM-480 8x2 - FH-400 6x2 - FH-440 6x2 - FH-480 6x2 - FH-500 6X2 - FH16-550 6x2 - FH16-610 6x2 - FH-400 8x2 - FH-440 8x2 - FH-480 8x2

Volvo Filler Neck Suppliers

We are also able to supply Volvo Filler Necks in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel (AISI304) & Aluminium all from an ISO 9001:2008 accredited supplier, so for further information on price and availability, please call us with your requirements and we will do our upmost to help.

volvo truck locking fuel cap

Locking Adblue Cap for all Volvo Series (above), Other Fuel Cap Options available